1. Run for your Best Self
    "Challenges Are The Doorways to Excellence" Choose a Half-Marathon or 5K to test your meddle. At 7:30 PM the gun goes off and Maryland Heights belongs to YOU! Veterans and new athletes alike, be ready for a brand new adventure!
  2. Celebrate Autumn
    The Fall Equinox A break from the heat, a time to respect the impending dark while giving thanks to the sunlight. Celebrated by multiple cultures through time and the world, we bring the celebration to St. Louis!!
  3. Post Race? Let's Party!
    Ain't No Party Like an STL Party Because an STL Party Don't Stop!! Enjoy everything Westport has to offer at the finish line: awesome food, great drinks, one-of-a-kind entertainment. Celebrate the accomplishment YOU EARNED!!
Have Fun at Westport Plaza
“What hath night to do with sleep?” 
― John Milton, Paradise Lost
A night race is a joy unlike any other, but don't wait at the start line or stop at the finish line when it comes to having a good time!!
Find something to make your heart sing with Backstreet Jazz & Blues - relax with some of the greatest music in the region!!
Warm up and cool down those legs as you tap your toes at Jive & Wail , make a wager with friends on which of the dueling pianos take the night!!
Have a laugh to calm your bones and cool down a bit at the famous and infamous Funny Bone Comedy Club !!
Want a bit of high culture?  Take in a show from a the one-of-a-kind Playhouse @ Westport Plaza !
Want a bit of fuel pre-race and a cool drink post?  Find the place that makes you feel at home with Dino's Deli , The Drunken Fish , Fuzzy's Taco Shop , Paul Mineo's Trattoria , and MORE!!
Last but not least, do your ice bath, final cool down, and get a good night's sleep at the Sheraton Chalet .  Whether you want a cool dip in the pool or a hot jacuzzi, you won't be dissapointed!!
Learn More About Westport Plaza Here
I am a runner.
I rise long before the sun breaks the horizon in an unedning search for my own limitations; I witness those limitations crumble beneath the balls of my feet and I begin my search anew.  
No bodily pain will deter me.  No mental weakness will hold me back.  The strength of my will alone will deliver my goals.  
I fear not the heat nor cold, rain nor wind, light nor dark, nor any force of nature.  I have become, through the fortitude of my spirit, my own force of nature.
I am a runner.
The Runner's Creed
There are few cultures as vibrant as the Runner's Culture.  There are many heros of this, but the greatest of all are the volunteers who support the athletes as they take on thier newest chalenge.  Be one of those heros and enjoy all the credit and thanks you deserve!!
Enjoy the opportunity to see your loved ones from the comfort of Westport.  With a 2 Lap course whose start, finish, and lap is based at Westport Plaza, you will enjoy seeing and supporting your athlete in the most comfortable way possible.
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