Course Turn by Turn

The City is Ours!


5k Directions

Mile 1

Mile 1

At 7:30 pm the gun goes off and your adventure beings!
Head North away from Westport onto Westport Plaza Drive and quickly make a jog over to Westline Industrial Drive.  When you see Scheutz Rd., get ready to make a left onto it and you'll see Mile 1 and the first water stop!! Basically a long downhill for you to lean into and warm up for a fun night!!
Just as with the Half Marathon, at 7:30 pm your race - your push for the finish line - starts!!
All athletes will will proceed around Westport Plaza, hearing the cheers and adulation of loved ones with the sun setting and the night quickly approaching!!  Heading up Westport Parkway to a left on Westline Industrial Drive.  You will use a jog (with a short climb) on Fee Fee Road to Worthington Access Dr.  You are 1/3 there and feeling GREAT!!

Mile 2

You're warmed up now and feeling well!!  You will only be on Scheutz for a moment until you turn Right onto Adie Road.  You'll stay on Adie for the remainder of Mile 2 and you'll see the water stop a the corner of Adie and Dorsett after a long, but mostly shallow climb varying between 2% and 4%.

Mile 2

Now's the time to pick up the pace!!  You'll make it to Progress Rkwy via Kimler Rd, head around the Round about Edward Jones Campus, around the roundabout and continue South.  As you run south on Edward Jones Blvd you'll see Mile 2 and you're well past 50% there!!

Mile 3.1

Mile 3

Continue around Edward Jones until you see the lights of Westport Plaza - you will work your way around to see the finishline and adoring fans.  Enjoy your ​victory and the fun it brings!!
Now you're feeling really good.   You're breath is consistant, your stride is under control!!  The REALLY fun part starts!  Mile 2 to Mile 3 takes place entirely on Dorsett Road on a downhill.  As you see the bottom ahead you'll see the aid station and barrell on!!

Mile 4

Continuing on your journey and about 25% there!
Turn Left onto Schuetz Rd. to turn Right, heading West, on Fee Fee Rd.  You will continue your descent for about 1/2 mile more until at 3.5 you climb again.  The mile 4 aid station will be a little further (for safety) at the corner of Weldon Pkwy. and Fee Fee Rd.

Mile 5

The incline is over and now you reap the rewards.  Turn right onto Worthington Access Dr enjoying a flat to declined recovery mile.  You will use a quick left onto Kimler Drive to make it over to Progress Pkwy. heading North.   You'll see mile 5 and your next aid station waiting for you just before the roundabout!!

Mile 6

Westport is waiting for you and you are nearly at your halfway point!!
After the roundabout you'll head back South on Edward Jones Blvd. eventurally making it to Progress Pkwy.  As the lights of Westport Plaza come about you'll see mile 6 and start heading home!!!


Mile 6.55!!  Your family and friends will be there to cheer you through, reminding you why you picked this challenge and of the party that awaits you!!  Let the taste of the finish line push you through Lap 2 and know that glory lies ahead!!!